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Two Ten Corporate Donations

Over the course of its 75-year history, Two Ten has been the recipient of gifts both large and small. It’s the small gifts and grassroots events in large numbers that have had the greatest impact on Two Ten’s ability to give back. Two Ten’s resources allow us to run a number of events throughout the year but with your help and grassroots efforts, we can touch many more lives.

If you are interested in running a charity event to benefit Two Ten, we have provided a few suggestions for how to get involved, below.

Type of Giving Details
Payroll Deductions Usually a set amount of money deducted from an employee’s paycheck each pay period for automatic donation to the employee’s designated organization. We can work with your company’s human resources department to make Two Ten an option for payroll deduction beneficiary. Or, see X for more information
Employee Matching 79% of employees think it’s important that their companies match their charitable giving[1]. Many companies utilize this as an option to support the causes and organizations their employees care about.
Special Events Special events can be a great opportunity to engage suppliers, customers, and the community at large. Examples include:

  • Silent or live auction
  • Dinner
  • Golf tournament
  • 5k run
Company Events Office or company-wide events are a fun way to encourage team building while giving back to the community. Events can range from low-key to competitive. Examples include:

  • Sample sale
  • Casual Friday
  • Softball tournament
  • Potluck lunch
Campaign A more robust multi-event campaign may be an appropriate option for larger organizations with multiple teams and/or locations.

Please feel free to reach out to our team to chat about how you can customize an employee giving campaign that’s right for your organization. We can provide you with:

  • Suggestions for ways employers can encourage their employees to join in.
  • Suggestions for ways employees can donate, ranging from self-organized fundraisers to payroll deduction programs.
  • Screened vendor relationships with payroll deduction programs.
  • Suggestions for incentivizing participation in employee giving programs.
  • Tailored presentations (in person or in print) that make the case for your employees for supporting Two Ten.
  • Ongoing communications throughout the year that demonstrate the impact of your employees’ donations.

To learn more about starting an employee giving campaign, please download our Toolkit, here.

If you’d like to chat with us about how to get started, please email

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