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Toxic Water – Helping Families in Flint, MI

Toxic bills?

“A lack of clean drinking water is the least of our problems,” said Sharise, a footwear sales associate living and working in Flint, MI. “Without running water to wash plates, shower,or do laundry, I’m forced to spend money that I don’t have to fill these gaps.”

As a first responder in times of crisis, Two Ten is working with members of the footwear community affected by poor water conditions in Flint, MI. and surrounding areas. We’re providing families with the money they need to purchase bottled water, disposable plates, and cover unexpected laundry and travel expenses.

If you work in the footwear industry and you need help please call 800.346.3210
or email for assistance.

To make a donation and support a footwear family living in Flint go to


CALL TWO TEN – 800.346.3210

Online Relief Form

Need additional assistance?

Genesee County Assistance

Genesee County Salvation Army Assistance Program

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