photo_maddens“I hope our donation (of $1 million in 2012) inspires other shoepeople to step up and donate their money or time to allow Two Ten to continue to provide outstanding services to the footwear community.”

Steve and Wendy Madden
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photo_katherinej“My son and I were homeless. We stayed in my car. Two Ten told me they could help-and they did.

Katherine Jones
Footwear Professional

“Mommy, water is coming in under the door. I’m scared. What do we do?” Beth will never forget those words from her 7-year old son, Sam, or the cries of panic from her little girl Emma, as they watched the flood waters rise around their ankles in their Savannah, Georgia home. 18 inches of water came pouring in from around the front door as the storm surges during Matthew reached a record high and sent tens of thousands of people, including Beth and her two children, to shelters, school gymnasiums and those lucky enough – area motels.

As Beth waited to hear from FEMA to have her flooded home assessed, which can sometimes take weeks, Beth had Two Ten to turn to. She works as a stock associate at a local shoe store and has been a proud member of the footwear industry for over 16 years. Within 48 hours, Beth received stabilizing assistance from Two Ten to help her get a motel, food, and dry clothes. In the following weeks, Two Ten sent additional assistance to cover bills as she figured out how to deal with moldy sheet rock, warped floors, floating toys, and rebuilding her family’s life.

At some point, the unexpected happens – to everyone. Your gift will help make a big difference. Please give today.


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