Client Story – Katherine

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Client Story: Katherine

Three years ago, I was living a lie.

If you walked into my store in NYC, I would have greeted you with a big smile and sunshine. I would have made youfeel special. I would have helped you find the exact pair of shoes you were looking for and you would have left feeling good.

You wouldn’t have known that I was homeless. That I was living in my car with my 10 year-old son.

No one at work knew my secret. I was too proud and too embarrassed. I hid the crisis from most of my friends. My family didn’t know.

I had thought things were great. My high school sweetheart and I had a beautiful family and 25 good years together. But, life has a way of turning on you when you least expect it. What had been a good relationship changed. It wasn’t a safe place to be any more and I knew that my son and I had to leave.

The day we left our home, I didn’t know where we were going.

Here’s the problem with starting over again so suddenly – there’s no time to save. I had always been responsible with our bills, but there was no way I could come up with first and last month’s rent and a security deposit that quickly.

It’s a new low in life when sleeping at a cemetery is your best option.

After we left our home, I slept with one eye open, keeping a watchful eye over my son. We slept in our car parked among the gravestones at a local cemetery. Every noise made me jump.  I almost considered going back.

And then, my co-worker let me know she was concerned about me. I cried as I told her the truth about my situation. She asked me a question that has changed the course of my life… “Have you called Two Ten Footwear Foundation? They’ll help you.”

Having nothing to lose, I picked up the phone and called Two Ten. I spoke with an amazingly compassionate woman, and in 24 hours, everything had changed. It was like a miracle.

With her help, I found an apartment. She overnighted a check – and just like that, we weren’t homeless anymore. My son and I moved out of our car and into our new home.

If it hadn’t have been for your support of Two Ten, I don’t know where I would be today. I am forever grateful to you for helping me and my son get back on our feet.

You gave us a home. You restored our hope. Thank you.

And just like you helped me, I want us to help the next person who finds themselves needing to leave an abusive relationship, or who is out on the street and doesn’t know what to do.

By making a gift you are helping three families a day have a safe, warm place to sleep. You’re giving them hope.

In gratitude to you and our industry,

Katherine J.

PS: The sooner you give, the sooner another family like mine can find a home.

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