Workplace Giving

Why should my company get involved?

Corporate Support Matters, Here’s Why…

Benefits to community

Two Ten is the only industry-wide charitable organization. We provide human services, scholarships and emergency financial assistance to individuals facing hardship within the footwear industry

    • In 2013, Two Ten fielded more than 2,900 calls and provided more than $1.8 million in financial assistance to shoepeople in need.
    • Two Ten provides emergency financial assistance for individuals in the footwear industry. We send financial help within 48 hours of the first call.
    • Since the scholarship program was started in 1969, Two Ten has made it possible for 5,400 students to go to college. We have given out over $18 million in scholarships in that time.

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Benefits to company

Engage your customers: Increasingly, customers reward companies that help them meaningfully give back to causes that matter to them

      • 93% of U.S. consumers expect companies to do more than just make money[1]
      • 86% of U.S. consumers believe business should place at least equal weight on business and society.

Your customers notice your contribution to the community. Giving to Two Ten shows that you’re invested in making the footwear industry better for all of us.

Engage your employees: Employees voice similar interests when thinking about where to work

      • 79% of people prefer to work for a socially responsible company.
      • Employee giving campaigns offer fun opportunities for team building and drive employee engagement.

Your involvement with Two Ten can not only help attract new employees, but can also improve employee satisfaction, helping you retain the ones you already have.

Differentiate your brand: Stand out among the competition

      • 94% of people are likely to switch brands (equal in price and quality) to one that supports a cause
      • 76% of consumers would recommend a company that actively supports a good cause

The marketplace is crowded. By partnering with Two Ten, you send a clear and resounding message that you are an integral part of a community that cares, helping you stand out among the competition.

Your support stays within the footwear community

      • Two Ten Footwear Foundation supplements your Employee Assistance program. Each year, we provide support to over 2,000 families. Chances are we’re already serving your employees.

Be part of preserving Two Ten Footwear Foundation’s 75 year legacy of “shoepeople helping shoepeople.”