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There is frequently a lot of talk about making the world a better place through sustainability and other product-focused activities, but at Micro-Pak we feel strongly about the importance of community service. One of the leading philanthropic organizations with which we have been involved is the Two Ten Foundation, and we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight the outstanding work being done by Two-Ten.

Sal Cesario - Global Sales and Marketing Manager

Sal Cesario, Global Sales and Marketing Manager, Micro-Pak

Two Ten is all about “Shoepeople helping shoepeople,” and among its services are financial assistance, crisis counseling and a scholarship program for footwear employees and their families – a program that has awarded nearly $20 million to 6,353 students since 1969.

In the 2015 fiscal year, Two Ten provided $1.6 million in financial relief to more than 1,265 households, representing about 3,400 people, and awarded $870,000 in higher education scholarships to 310 students. Its community groups, including Women in Footwear Industry, Young Professionals for Two Ten, Human Resources Leadership Committee and Footwear Cares® collectively united 10,000 people in the industry people.

micropak-logoAmong our favorite Two Ten efforts are the Footwear Cares events held across the country in April. Two Ten brings together the footwear industry in community service by sponsoring individual companies’ charity efforts in their respective cities. In 2015, 7,000 shoe industry employees provided support to 75 non-profits across U.S. during the month-long event. About 540,000 meals were sorted, packed, prepared or served to food insecure children, families, seniors and the disabled, and 12,570 pairs of new shoes were distributed to children. Volunteers also completed more than 25 environmental projects and provided 3,256 low-income children with clothing.

The organization’s mission is one that particularly resonates with us: “Two Ten is grounded upon the idea of fostering personal connections and hope. Each individual has his or her own very personal story. There is always a face behind the numbers”.
We strongly urge you to get involved with Two-Ten and be sure that your colleagues and staff are fully aware of this unique organization.

If you would like to learn more about other organizations supported by Micro-Pak or if you have suggestions of organizations seeking support, please contact


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