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I’m the first in my family to attend college.

My mother didn’t have the opportunity to attend college. Now with my parents’ support and the help of a Two Ten scholarship, I can pursue my dreams to help people as a public health practitioner.

When I was young, I used to tell my mother how successful I wanted to be in the future. She inspired me. I would tell her that “the good choices I make today will lead me to a better tomorrow.” She has always motivated me, always believed in me.

kaite scholar smI don’t need to drive the most expensive car or eat at a fancy restaurant. What is important to me is to make a difference. My family taught me that. It’s not about what society expects from me, but instead, it’s about what I expect from myself. To do good in the world. I don’t just want to be just another graduate. I want to stand as a role model to my younger brothers and my community.

Receiving the scholarship from Two Ten over the past few years has changed my life. I have the opportunity now to achieve my life-long goals. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible for me and my family. The footwear community is unbelievable.

-Lizbeth Gomez, Two Ten Scholar

Since 1969, Two Ten Footwear Foundation has awarded nearly $20 million to 6,353 students. In 2015, Two Ten helped 310 students nationwide meet the rising cost of a college education by awarding $870,000 in scholarships.

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One response on “I’m the first in my family to attend college.

  1. Kate

    I’d give this man $5. I normally don’t bilveee in rewarding people for doing what naturally should be the right thing but he did go above and beyond. He should know that if nothing else, I appreciate being able to read a positive story!

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