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Libby Edelman Talks WIFI And Shares Advice For Young Female Talent – Women In Power

Originally written and posted by Kristin Henning at on June 13, 2016.

Libby Edelman

Libby Edelman

Libby Edelman, SVP of Sam Edelman, is an adviser for Two Ten’s Women in Footwear Initiative (WIFI). Here, she talks about her experience and shares advice for young female talent in the industry.

Overall experience: “I love being part of WIFI. I love the organization because it gets all of the women involved to talk about what’s possible, talk about where they can grow.”

Best advice received: “I started out at a fashion magazine where the woman [who] ran the magazine was a nun. She had such patience and she really wanted us all to learn how to be stronger. She was thoughtful and kind to others, but at the same time she did her job and did it well.”

Biggest challenges for women: “I don’t know if women are taking the risks that men do.”

Advice for cultivating more young female talent: “To be curious. It’s really important to be curious and ask a lot of questions. That will give you more knowledge, give you more accessibility and help you grow.”

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