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Footwear Cares ®


It’s all about “getting people back on their feet.”

About Footwear Cares: This April, Two Ten Footwear Foundation will once again bring our entire industry together in volunteerism. Thousands of volunteers from more than 100 footwear companies will participate in Footwear Cares, a series of community service projects focused on one single objective: getting people back on their feet.

Footwear Cares provides an opportunity for our industry to work together in a way that will forever change lives; their own and the lives of the people they touched. Last April alone, Footwear Cares volunteers made half a million meals available to vulnerable populations; distributed over 12,000 shoes and outfits to low-income children; and enhanced 100 acres of land and parks through environmental projects. These incredible results were accomplished by compassionate footwear companies and individuals, working hand-in-hand across the nation.

Will you join us this year? To learn more about Footwear Cares, please email Kaitlyn Butler at or visit our website at

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105 companies are participating in Footwear Cares in 2015!  

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