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Real Shoe People. Real Shoe Stories. – Video

The unexpected happens to everyone—at some point in their lives. When it does, Two Ten is there to help shoepeople, compassionately, confidentially and with speed. Chris, Christine and David are just three of the thousands of people that Two Ten provides assistance to each year.

If you know of anyone who is struggling and in need of help, share this video or have them call us at 800.346.3210.

2 responses on “Real Shoe People. Real Shoe Stories. – Video

  1. Fannie Stewart

    I don’t know where to start,

    But I will say Thank you to John for understanding and make sure he could get me the help I needed. I reached out to TwoTenOrg because one of my coworkers know that I was in a situation I didnt know how to get out of. So she said you should try this site called TwoTenOrg, they helped me a couple years ago. So I didnt hesitate I went right on the site. Like two days later I recieved a phone from the office to make a phone interview for me. John was the that called to do my interview I missed his first call so I called back to set it up again. The young lady that took my call said I will send him and agent email right now. I don’t know the lady’s name but I would like to thank her as well. So less then a hour later that day John my hero, called and I stop what I was doing instantly to give him my undivided attention. So we went through with the interview I provide him with like my whole Financial information he was so understanding about everything. I main concern was trying to keep a home for me and my family. But I was so behind on bills as well something that I was going to try and handle myself. So by the end of the interview John said ok Fannie here’s what I want you to do, send me documents for your home and send me your gas bill along with some other documents. I was like ok I will get everything together and I will fax them to you. The day came that I faxed everything over to John not even two Minutes passed I didn’t even think he had recieved the fax yet, and my phone was ringing. It was John saying ( hi is this Fannie) I said yes said well I got everything I need I already submitted your information and u got good news we will take care of your pass rent & you pass due gas bills!! I was in tears of joy I mean u had to pull my car over. John & TwoTenOrg is a blessing and I would forever praise this Organization for the rest of my life. They not only help me they help my family. So I just have to say it again Thank you, Thank you Thank you to TwoTenOrg & John for putting my and my family pulling me and my family back together.

    Thank you,
    Fannie Stewart & Family.

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