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Two Ten’s LIFT CreateAthon – Using our skills for the greater good”

The footwear industry has no shortage of creative talent.
Passionate people who take pride in their work and believe in their ability to positively impact the companies they work for. The LIFT CreateAthon will capitalize on this diversity of talent; inspiring employees and companies to leverage their skills to effectively strengthen our communities and increase visibility of this industry’s unique approach to collective service.

24-hours of your life isn’t much to give up. But in this short period of time, you can have a huge impact on non-profits in your community. On August 27th, 40 of the most talented, passionate members of the footwear industry will come together at Two Ten Footwear Foundation in Waltham MA to deliver tangible assets benefitting footwear-centric non-profits and the communities they support. 

All nonprofits need to get the word out to raise funds and awareness; however, many can’t afford it. This CreateAthon provides a solution. By rallying teams for a focused marathon, we will deliver the advertising, marketing and communications needed by these nonprofits to help them achieve their mission to positively impact the groups they service throughout the world.

Who can participate?
Anyone in the footwear industry!  Footwear and graphic designers, brand and project managers, sales teams, social media experts, IT specialists, marketing and PR wizards will all play a role creating deliverables in the form of branding initiatives; marketing, public relations and fundraising plans; creative materials in print, digital and broadcast formats; and more.

Who will we be helping?

Goodie two shoes copyThe Goodie Two Shoes Foundation provides disadvantaged children and children in crisis with new shoes and socks, as well as other items deemed essential for good health and positive development.

rerun_logo_homeRe-Run Shoes
creates ways for African nations to build micro businesses. Helping those in need to get the shoes they need. Providing jobs for those with disabilities and help organizations and schools raise money.

gotta have sole

Gotta Have Sole provides children living in shelters across the United States with brand-new footwear to call their own.



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