Women In Footwear Industry (WIFI)

Two Ten WIFI Mentoring Program


Women In The Footwear Industry

About the WIFI Mentoring Program

The goal of the WIFI (Women in Footwear Industry) Mentoring Program is to inspire women with varying levels of experience in the footwear industry by pairing them with seasoned professionals. The WIFI mentoring program is the only industry-specific initiative in the footwear industry designed to facilitate learning and relationships between between director-level and executive-level women.

Thanks for your interest in the WIFI mentoring program, at this point the application process is closed. Please contact Kirsten Nelson at knelson@twoten.org if you are interested in applying in 2018.

What are the criteria?

MENTEE: Applicants must have minimum of 1 year footwear experience / 3 years in fashion industry or current discipline (i.e. Marketing, Ecommerce, etc).

Please Note: *If you are an entrepreneur, you need to have been in business for at least 1 year to quality.

MENTOR: Applicants must have minimum of 3 years in the Footwear Industry in your area of discipline and a total of 10 years business experience

What Can I Expect to Gain from this Experience?

As a MENTEE you can expect to experience the joy of giving and receiving and have someone from which to seek advice outside of your current work environment. WIFI mentees are also eligible to apply for the WIFI scholarship for professional development opportunities.

As a MENTOR you can expect to experience the joy of giving and receiving and expand your awareness by seeing the working world through another’s perspective.

What Are My Responsibilities?

Each pair is committed to being a part of the program for 12 months, meeting 1 hour per month via phone, face-to-face or Skype and being open to sharing experiences and advice.

As a MENTEE you will assess your areas of strength and development to establish a mentoring plan and engage your mentor to ensure that you attain your goals.

As a MENTOR you will provide guidance, be a resource, advisor teacher and coach, share experiences and help your mentee to find access to an appropriate expert if you cannot answer a question.


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