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Brooke Seales

Brooke Seales was in financial trouble – finding it difficult to pay her mortgage and other bills. In May, 2010 Brooke was forced to put her house on the market because she could no longer make monthly payments. She contacted Two Ten and spoke with Two Ten Social Services about her situation. They suggested Two Ten could provide financial assistance to help with the transition of moving. Two Ten has since provided Brooke and her son with financial support. She expresses her gratitude…

“Two Ten has paid for all of my moving expenses, where otherwise, I would be lost trying to figure out where to get it from. I am so grateful to Two Ten. This truly is a blessing for my little boy and I during this Christmas season and will make a great start for a new year and new beginning. Thank You!”

Brooke Seales - Financial Support Services

Brooke Seales and son Griffin

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