Who We’ve Helped

Matthew Tucker – Scholarship Recipient

Matthew Tucker, a son of a Payless Shoe Source employee was awarded a Two Ten Footwear Foundation Scholarship to use towards his college education. Matthew is one of the many grateful scholars that have sent letters to thank us and to tell his story.

“At age 16, I was diagnosed with Kallman’s Syndrome. Kallman’s Syndrome is like an umbrella for many different conditions. The conditions I have are: Unilateral Kidney, Anosmia, Bi-Manual Synkinesis, Growth Hormone Deficiency, and Testosterone Deficiency. When I was diagnosed as a freshman in high school, I was only 4 foot 11 inches because my body was extremely deficient in growth hormone. I have to get daily shots of the synthetic growth hormone called Humatrope.

The monthly cost of Humatrope is over $6,000. My parent’s insurance company pays 90% and it is up to them to pay the other 10% until their deductible is met. I am 19 years old and in order to stay on my parent’s health insurance, I have to remain a full time student. With the expense of Humatrope, it would be more difficult for my parents to pay for my college tuition. But thanks to generous organizations such as Two Ten, I have been able to attend my first year of college.

I know that I am lucky to have had this opportunity to go to college and I want to say that I really appreciate the Foundation’s faith in me. I have worked very hard this semester to make sure that your money was not wasted, and will continue to work hard until I get my degree.”

Two Ten Footwear Foundation has awarded nearly $15 million in scholarships to 6,300 deserving students, like Matthew, from the footwear industry since its inception in 1969. Two Ten offers two kinds of scholarships.

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