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3 Questions with Geralyn Breig, President, Clarks USA

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We have a new neighbor!  Geralyn Breig joined the Newton, Ma. based Clarks USA team as President in March and connected with Two Ten soon after.  With a long history of community involvement, Geralyn is committed to Clark’s legacy of giving back and we are excited to support them in this next chapter.


Share an early, fond or funny story/memory about footwear.

My whole career has been about building global brands such as Avon beauty products, Godiva Chocolate and now Clarks footwear. It’s a dream come true for a woman brand builder –makeup, chocolate, and shoes — everything a woman could want!

What are you most excited about at Clarks?

Clarks was founded in 1825 and has maintained its strong values and culture. I’m quite proud to be part of that tradition. I’m also excited about the future, and our ability to grow the brand. I work with a very talented team, we have a fabulous product, and we cover a vast geography so I find that really energizing.

What are your thoughts about footwear’s unique brand of philanthropy and mutual support?

Clarks has a long history of social responsibility and charitable giving so we are proud to be part of a group, like Two Ten, that has been supporting the footwear community for 75 years! The footwear industry is highly competitive, but also tightly-knit, and it’s remarkable, and unique, to see the community pull together to support its own.

One response on “3 Questions with Geralyn Breig, President, Clarks USA

  1. David Cruz

    I want to advise customer service of the horrific experience that I endured at the Clarks store at the Willowbrook Mall in Houston Texas. I was greeted by a sales person who was not very welcoming. It was as if he did not want to be working that day. There was no smile or happy greeting. The sales person measured my foot and stated I measured a 9 1/2. I advised him I normally wear a 10. He stated that Clarks run big and a 9 1/2 would fit better. I picked out 2 shoes but the sales person brought out 3 pairs. The first pair that he showed me was a pair that I did not ask for and that cost twice as much as the 2 that I asked to see. At this point I was getting angry. He then showed me the 2 pairs I asked for. The first was a size 9 and the second was a 9 1/2. I asked why he brought out a 9 when he said I measured a 9 1/2. He then repeated that they run big. Needless to say that the 9 did not fit. I then tried the 9 1/2 which felt snug. The sales person stated that they would stretch. I asked to see a 10 but he stated he did not have a 10. He didn’t even go to the back and check He kept saying they will stretch. I purchased them thinking they would stretch and they did not. Now two of my toes have gone numb due to the uncomfortable Clark shoes I purchased. Now I am being told I cannot exchange them for the size I originally asked for and now I have a pair of shoes that I cannot wear. Shoes that were expensive. I will be suing and I have filed a complaint with the US Attorney General’s office (consumer protection division). I am told by the agent that they will begin an investigation into this matter. Clarks boasts customer satisfaction but they don’t mean it. It’s a shame I have to go through all of this especially when I just asked for an exchange, I didn’t ask for a refund. I will share my experience with every social media outlet so no one will have to go through the same experience, especially having to experience numbness in the toes. Mrs. Geralyn Breig boasts (above) strong company values but if you look at the many comments on the Clarks corporate website you will find many dissatisfied customers who’s issues have been ignored by the Clarks company. I can tell you that Clark shoes are very expensive and the average consumer works hard for their money. Most of them cannot afford to purchase Clarks shoes and not be able to wear them due to them falling apart, not being sold the correct size, etc.

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