Endowment Campaign

A healthy Two Ten Footwear Foundation endowment will ensure every shoe person in crisis has a place to call for help.

Two Ten Footwear Foundation is the only philanthropy in the United States that focuses solely on supporting its own industry and workforce.

smiling dadSince its humble, “pass-the-hat” beginnings during the Great Depression, Two Ten has continued its extraordinary mission to take care of our own; to help each other at times of crisis; and to bring together 250,000 footwear employees and their families for the common good.

Today, Two Ten Footwear Foundation is positioned to confidently move forward and help more footwear families than ever before. At the heart of our progress is Two Ten’s Endowment Fund, which was $35M as of 12/31/15. The endowment provides a dedicated and critical source of operating revenue that strengthens our helping mission—approximately 30% of our annual budget.

“Our goal of the 75th Anniversary Campaign is simple-—raise substantial new funds for our endowment to ensure we have the resources to help thousands of shoepeople who are in trouble and need a helping hand.” – BOBBY CAMPBELL, Campaign Co-Chair

Two Ten Footwear Foundation’s Board of Directors launched The 75th Anniversary Campaign to raise a total of $8.5M in new endowment funds over a five-year period, ending January 2018. During the “quiet” phase of the appeal, Two Ten secured $6.5M toward our $8.5M goal.

Complete Campaign Case Statement (pdf)