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Lunch and Learn with Debby Garrow “Working with an Executive Recruiter”

In this one hour webinar, Debby Garrow of E.A. Hughes addressed the best way to work with an executive recruiter, and provided some tips on how to make the most of a job search.

A few key takeaways:
1. Maximize your LinkedIn profile. It used to take at least a few days for a recruiter to schedule a time to talk and get to know you. Now, it can take just a glance at your LinkedIn profile to get a snapshot of your background so it’s important to keep it updated! Also, make sure to post a professional photo of yourself.  No one wants to see you and your dog regardless of how cute he is!

2. When looking for a new job, make a list of all the brands and companies you’d like to work for and then make a list of all the people you know who could connect you to those companies. Your network is your best resource. Did you know that 70% of all job placements come from networking?

3. Your resume should tell the story of your job success, not just a chronological list of responsibilities. Make sure to include your key accomplishments using metrics as much as possible ( # of direct reports, % of sales growth, etc.)

4. Always.Always.Always. Send a thank you note. Make sure you customize your note to be meaningful so the interviewer remembers you. And if you’ve met with multiple people make sure the notes are unique. It’s highly likely the notes will be compared among interviewers

To listen to the full presentation, please click below

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