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Team ALDO Races Around Ireland for footwear families in need.

On August 27th Team ALDO Racing departs on a Race Around Ireland to raise money and awareness for Two Ten. Considered one of the toughest races in Europe, riders and support crew will face unpredictable weather conditions, rolling hills, and sheer exhaustion as they race to the finish. They hope to complete the 2,170 kilometer ultra-marathon in three and a half days of intense, 24-hour cycling.

This is not the first time this team has taken on a challenge of this magnitude. Last year, ALDO Racing completed the Race Across America and raised money that has proven vital in our efforts to support footwear families through our Cancer Care Fund.

“I am racing for Two Ten because it’s very nice to be able to help your extended family,” said team rider Jean-Pierre Généreux, ALDO’s VP of Global Brand Environments. For those families who have loved ones battling cancer, medical bills can start piling up within weeks of diagnosis. Because of ALDO’s gift, a young mother, Audrey, was able to pay those bills when her 9-year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia.

We’re inspired by the compassion and long-standing support of ALDO Group. Their commitment to our community of shoepeople is incredible and we can’t thank them enough for this heroic effort.

We wish Nicholas, Jean-Pierre and the entire support team GOOD LUCK AT RAI!

Follow the team @aldogroupracing on Instagram.

ALDO RacingTeam (L-R) Nicholas, Naomi, Cam, Claudi, Alexandrine, Julie-Pier, Jean-Pierre and Daniel

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