Who We’ve Helped

Jennifer Perez

Jennifer Perez was helped by Two Ten back in 2000. She had been dealing with a very difficult pregnancy which caused her to be on bed rest and therefore, unable to work causing financial stress. She delivered her son 3 months early with many complications. He passed away 23 hours later. “It was an overwhelming time emotionally, physically and financially. The added costs of a funeral and all that goes with it made it really tough. My boss at the time told me about Two Ten Foundation and encouraged me to call. I was greeted on the phone with such a caring personality. I didn’t expect much, maybe help with a phone bill, but they did so much more than that. They helped us get caught up on a couple of our bills as well as paying the funeral costs.”

Not only did Jennifer and her family receive financial support, they also received information and referral services to help with the grief process of losing a child. They gave us the ability to focus on our family and grief without financial stress to add. I will never forget what Two Ten did for us, and will be forever grateful!” – Jennifer Perez

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