Who We Are


Two Ten is a charitable foundation offering Financial Assistance, Counseling, Community Resources and Scholarships to those working in the footwear industry. There are no fees required, or membership needed to benefit from these services. No other industry has a Two Ten. Whether it’s your time, your donation, or your story – join us in strengthening our community. Get involved today!

Two Ten Mission

Two Ten is committed to strengthening the footwear community with financial, social and educational support 

Two Ten by the Numbers

  • In 2016, Two Ten fielded more than 2,173 calls and provided more than $1.7 million in financial assistance to shoepeople in need.
  • Two Ten provides emergency financial assistance for individuals in the footwear industry. We respond within 48 hours of the first call.
  • Since the scholarship program was started in 1969, Two Ten has made it possible for over 6,000 students to go to college. We have given out over $18 million in scholarships in that time.

We realize that these numbers begin to blend into one another. Though the amounts may be impressive, the most important aspect of each sum is its part – those individuals that make up the facts and figures. Two Ten is grounded upon the idea of fostering personal connections and hope. Each individual has his or her own very personal story. There is always a face behind the numbers.