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The Crazy Life of a Kid From Brooklyn

Bill Morgenstein Facebook squareA self-proclaimed “shoe dog,” Bill Morgenstein has a gift for storytelling. He loves the little details that make an event come alive and has a passion for the process and the particulars.

In “The Crazy Life of a Kid From Brooklyn” Bill introduces the reader to the experiences and relationships that shaped his life and takes great pride in all he has achieved. From stock boy to industry icon, he has crossed paths with many of the leaders who have shaped the future of the footwear industry.

A lifetime of stories will trigger memories for those who proudly wear the “shoe dog” moniker.   For those still a little wet behind the ears, there is a wealth of wisdom to be had from these pages.

You can pick up your copy of The Crazy Life of a Kid From Brooklyn” HERE.

30% of all sales will be donated to Two Ten and will help support footwear families in 2015.

One response on “The Crazy Life of a Kid From Brooklyn

  1. Edward W. Connor

    I read the book ” The Crazy Life of a Kid From Brooklyn ” with enthusiasm. The book was an interesting read that had me traveling all over the world with Bill, the author. The book put Bill in situations where some were so comical, yet others that were somewhat frightening. .. Bill’s climb in the shoe industry where he advances to top management, to where he branched himself in the financial, banking, funding and lending industries was amazing. .. During this climb, Bill maintained lifelong friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. .. I recommend this book to everyone of all ages. This book is a fun, interesting read, that I’ve now read three times.

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